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FeedMiX Pvt Ltd is a fast-growing stock feed manufacturing company which was incorporated in January 2008.  FeedMix owns a state-of-the-art plant for the manufacturing of stock feed for both monogastric and ruminant livestock species and premixes.

The company has made significant growth over the past and is still going, taking pride in ourselves  as a reputable manufacturer of QUALITY and CONSISTANT products for non-ruminants, ruminants and special diets.

Business Activities

FeedMix manufactures feed for Non-ruminants/monogastric, (animals with a single-compartment stomach), specifically, Broilers, Layers, Road Runners, Pigs and Dogs.

FeedMix also manufactures feed for Ruminants which are animals that have four stomach compartments.  Of the four compartments the rumen is the largest section and the main digestive centre. They regurgitate and “chew the cud”.  The animals classified as ruminants are dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goats.

With an understanding that our business is for everyone FeedMix has formulated feeds that suites every farmer.  To assist our customers,  FeedMix produces both Micro and Macro packs which are commonly known as premixes, which are a blend vitamins and minerals. These premixes allow farmers to do their own home mixing using their own supply of maize, soya meal, wheat bran, or snap corn.  This may be a cheaper way of producing feed if one produces or have access to their own raw materials such as maize and soya.  These premixes are available across most feed ranges.

All feed ranges are formulated in diets that contains sufficient amount of all necessary proteins, energy, amino acids, vitamins and minerals catering for the specific need of the animal. In short FeedMix feed has low F.C.R. (Feed Conversion Ratio) for improved efficiency.  F.C.R. is the measured relationship between the input of the feed that has been fed and the weight gain of an animal. The lower the F.C.R, the better the feed conversion and the higher the weight gain obtained from the feed. So, be it Broilers, Roadrunners, Layers, Pigs, Dairy Cows, Beef Cattle, Sheep and Goats, we have the feed for them.  Whether it’s for fattening or maintenance FeedMix is your partner!

Special Animal Diets

Horses are a unique livestock species and cannot be fed the same way as cattle, pigs, sheep and other livestock species.  They require different amount of nutrients according to their lifestyle and activity.  The activities are classified into pleasure, performance, growing and older horses.  It is of paramount importance for the owner to know the live weights of the horses in order to calculate the amount of feed given to each horse each day. The various feed rations ensure that the nutrient requirements are met without increasing the risk of the digestive disturbances that seem to affect many horses.

FeedMix wouldn’t have done justice to mankind if they did not produce food for canines…. Man’s best friend! The result… a formulated high protein, high energy feed with a high nutritional value that suits all the physical needs of different stages and growth of any Dog breed.

Addtional Products & Services

FeedMix offers Technical Support and Consultancy, Product Support and a One Stop Shop Experience where we offer Day Old Chicks for both Broilers and Layers from association with reputable hatcheries and both Ancillary and Veterinary products from very helpful and friendly staff.

Product Distribution

Situated in the Cleveland Industrial site in Msasa, Harare, No. 524 Mutare Road, FeedMix manufactures and distributes quality feed to all our 21 Branches and 7 Agents strategically placed across the nation allowing our customers easy access to our feed in their respective farming and business areas with little disruption to their busy schedules.

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Sekai Ramond

Sekai Ramond


Tawanda Husayihwevhu

Tawanda Husayihwevhu

Head Of Sales

Lovemore Mugabe

Lovemore Mugabe

Nutrition Expert

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