Farming from Afar

We at Feedmix support diaspora entrepreneurs who identify livestock business opportunities back home. Poultry production, especially broiler, layer and road runners, as well as beef production are the most common. FeedMix supports these opportunities for the Diasporas’ business growth.

Feedmix prides itself in a wide range of quality stock feeds that meet the genetic potential of the livestock. 

Our products meet the targets for most of the key performance indicators when managed properly. 

  • feed conversion ratios, 
  • average daily gain,
  •  peak production, 
  • low mortality rates, 
  • slaughter weights 

We have a strong distribution network and are represented thirty- five branches nationwide.

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We provide product support through trainings, site visits with our Technical Sales Advisors which helps Diasporas to achieve results and maximize profits when operating from far away. 

We guarantee the quality of all our stock feeds With the State of the art laboratory for feed analysis, starting from raw materials through to finished products

Direct farm deliveries of our stock feeds can be arranged.

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