Goat Farming

Survival of goats during the dry season is a challenge to farmers. Supplementary feeding is of high priority in order to alleviate feed shortages. 

Consider selecting breeds or genetics suitable for your area. 

Boer, Kalahari, Mashona, Matabele and cross breeds.

The Goad Feed Specifications and Feeding Rates per period
FM Feed TypeCrude Protein %Feeding Phase periodTotal Feed Required Kg/bird
FM Goat Meal12.10Pen Fattening for 60 – 80 Days Winter / Dry season period Mid May to Mid-December1.0 to 1.5 kg / day / animal
  • Choosing quality goat stock feeds from FeedMix

During dry seasons, grazing lands lose feed quality not sufficient to maintain goats in healthy condition.
Pen Fattening

Care for the animals 

Good calf rearing

Winter maintenance 

Animal welfare

Animal breeding vaccination program 

Body weights, dipping program, breeding seasons, lambing seasons

Practice good biosecurity management 

Boundary fence to prevent stray animals 

Wheel bath and foot baths on all entry points 

Hand sanitizers 

Log book

Protective clothing

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