Supporting your organisation

FeedMix has been working with NGOs since 2016. Several bids have been tendered and won with various NGOs ranging from poultry feed, beef and goat feeds. FeedMix is dedicated to working with NGOs to empower households and improve the livelihoods and standard of living for affected families through natural disasters.

FeedMix produces a wide variety of feeds that caters for the various demands that NGOs require.

FeedMix formulations meet the required specifications required by the NGOs at any given time.   

Feedmix customizes training schedules to ensure our customers derive the maximum value from our products. 

Farm visits are scheduled regularly to monitor the performance of the feed at different stages of the animal’s stage of growth / production cycle

Feedmix has a functional laboratory for making sure the quality and target specifications are met. 

FeedMix has a branch network of 36 branches nationwide to cater for the needs of customers at grass roots levels. The company boasts of reliable logistical network for transporting feeds to different regions. 

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