Broiler Farming

Broiler production is one of the most lucrative poultry businesses. If you are a farmer who thinks big and wants to grow your business in a short period consider broiler production.  There is more profit in rearing large numbers of broiler birds and you will achieve larger savings due to short production cycles.  The production cycle for broilers is 28 – 35 days depending on your business model. There are key factors that one has to consider in order to optimize broiler meat production. 

Broiler FArming Information

An ideal poultry house should have an East to West orientation. The house should be open sided, 100m long and 10m wide. A height of 2.8m under strong roofing sheets, eaves with 30 – 45 cm should be supported by strong bird mesh. A storeroom for stock feeds is important. The foundation should be strong with 50cm wall height on the lengthy sides. The floor should be concrete.

Stocking density should be 30 – 33 chicks per square metre during brooding and 10 mature birds per square metre  

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Use your God given five senses (hearing, taste, feel, sight and smell) to practice good stockmanship.

Follow the hatchery broiler vaccination program to prevent disease outbreaks.

FM Three phase broiler feeding regime from day 1 to 35 

FM Feed Type 

Protein   %

Energy (Mj/Kg) 

Feeding Phase 

Total Feed Required Kg/bird/phase 

FM 3 Phase Broiler Starter Crumbles 



Day 1 to 14

0.5kg/ chick / phase 

FM 3 Phase Broiler Grower 3mm Pellets 



Day 15 to 25


FM 3 Phase Broiler Finisher 4mm Pellets 



Day 26 to 35

1.45kg / bird / phase 

Total Feed Required 


3.25Kg for 35 days 

  • Choosing quality  broiler feed from Feedmix
  • Correct daily feeding rates
  • Feeding ad libitum basis at  each stage of growth 
  • Good brooding management( temperature, ventilation, litter, water management)
  • Records for the daily/cumulative  mortality rate, average daily/ weekly gain, PEF, FCR, slaughter weights, batch number, number of feed bags used  
  • Manage feed spillages to improve FCR.

The commercial broiler can achieve 6 -7 cycles per year.

Remove manure from the poultry houses immediately after harvesting broiler birds. Dispose off manure 3km away. Dry clean the poultry house, clean, wash and disinfect within 3 days.  Rest the house for a minimum of 14 days before the next batch. 

  • Boundary fence
  • Wash rooms 
  • Wheel bath and foot baths on all entry points 
  • Hand sanitizers 
  • Log book
  • Protective clothing( overall, gumboots, hat, gloves)
  • Houses put under lock and key 
  • Manure disposal management 
  • Farm gate sales for live birds
  • Dressed birds to maintain cold chain to the market

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