1:4 Beef Concentrate


1:4 Beef Concentrate is a special type of feed that has been formulated targeting the breeding herd of cattle. The feed’s nutritive value is rich in protein, vitamins, mineral salts, and energy. The feed is suitable for home mixers who grow maize and other small grains.

Breed Recommendations

stud beef breeds, commercial beef breeds, goats, and steers in feedlots.

Feed Form

Crunchy brown meal. The 50Kg bag can be consumed for 4.5 days by one steer in a feedlot pen or can be consumed for 10 days by an adult cow.

Feed Specifications

Beef Concentrate 1:4 high energy and well-balanced concentrate with all vitamins, mineral salts, roughage, energy and protein required by animals. The concentrate contains 33% crude protein and urea. The feed is highly palatable and digestible when mixed properly to allow the animals to achieve low Feed Conversion Ratios (FCR), improve the Body Condition Score (BCS).

Feeding Instructions

Mix the concentrate with snap corn (whole maize cob ground together) in the ratio 1 part beef concentrate to 4 parts snap corn by weight. The feeding rate for the meal ranges between 8 -13 Kgs per animal per day over a period of 60 – 120 days when fattening. Maintenance meal feeding rate is 3 – 6 Kgs per animal per day during the dry season.

Management Tips

Gradually introduce pen feeding meal preferably over a period of 10 days for good adaptation (induction). The feed performs best under zero grazing. Younger animals take longer periods from 90 – 120 days in pens. Older mature animals take shorter periods to finish off 60 -80 days or less. Production factors such as age of the animal, initial live- weight, size, sex and breed of the animal also affects the finished product.

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