2 Phase Broiler Grower/Finisher Pellets


Broiler Grower/Finisher Pellets are a special and well-balanced diet formulated to feed broiler chickens at the development through to finishing stage. The combined feed processed into 3mm fairly long pellets. The feed is fortified with balanced energy, minerals, and vitamins to ensure a rounded broiler chicken at slaughter. The feed preserves the original taste of the chicken.

Breed Recommendation

Broiler finishers, Turkey, Road Runner.

Feed Form

The feed is presented in 3mm diameter pellets to allow the birds continual feeding  after three weeks.

Feed Specifications

Broiler Grower/Finisher Pellets are the second and final stage of the two-phase broiler feed. It is a complete feed processed into medium sized 3mm pellets. Each pellet  allows the birds to develop the frame and start to finish in preparation for slaughter. The broiler  grower/finisher pellets have high value nutrients with 18.0% crude protein and balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio to sustain the bird.

Feeding Instructions

Feed the grower/finisher pellets to broiler birds from day 22 through to 35 -42 days. Each bird should consume on average of 2.5 kg during the whole period. The birds are expected to achieve a target average  weight of 1.45 kg at 28 days and 2.4 kg live weight at day 35 to 42 days.

Management Tips

Gradually start blending grower/ finisher pellets to the starter/grower crumbs from day 19 to ensure a smooth transition, and enhanced voluntary feed intake. The blending ensures normal growth for the finishing birds.

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