2 Phase Broiler Starter/Grower Crumbs


Complete and Balanced broiler feed – Wholesome, complete, superior nutrition, no supplements necessary — all required nutrients are present.
Essential Amino Acids for excellent for muscle and skeletal development.

The feed contains 20% crude protein and is suitable for all broiler chicks. It feeds the broiler chicks from one-day-old chicks to 21 days of age. Each chick consumes approximately 1kg for the full period. The premix is fortified with vitamins and minerals to support the growth of your broilers.

Breed Recommendation

Broiler, turkey and road runner chicks

Feed Form

The feed is a mixture of two size crumbs, for easy intake and feeding and no wastage.

Feed Specifications

The size of the crumb particle ensures all your chicks access feed from the onset. The feed is designed to ensure the quick development of the skeletal, digestive and respiratory systems.

Feeding Instructions

Feed the crumbs to broiler chicks from day 1 through to day 21. Each chick is expected to consume an average of 1 kg  during the whole period. The chicks are expected to achieve a target weight of 185 to 195 grams in the first 7 days and an average of 850 to 950 grams at 21 days.

Management Tips

Ensure warm temperature in the brooder, clean fresh water, comfortable litter, minimum ventilation at brooding time, and feed access at free choice. Good brooding management will enable the chicks to grow 5 times their initial average hatch weight of 40 grams.

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