Beef Survival Meal


Beef Survival Meal is a very special, complete, and well-balanced ration formulated essentially for maintenance of the beef herd, mainly during the dry season from April – December or during drought periods.

Breed Recommendations

Fattening beef cattle – steers, cows, heifers, bulls, dairy bulls, dairy cows and goats. Feed Form: Crunchy brown meal. The 50Kg bag can be consumed for 10 days by an adult cow.

Feed Specifications

Beef Survival Meal is a special dry season maintenance feed for cattle. The feed nutritive value contains 9.15 % crude protein and is Urea free. during drought periods The feed is very suitable in the dry period mainly to bridge that gap when the veld grass has decreased in quality (protein levels). The grass or hay is coarser, contains high lignin or fibre levels.

Feeding Instructions

The recommended feeding rate is 4-6Kgs/Head/Day depending on body condition, age, live-weight, sex and breed of animal.

Management Tip

The grass becomes very unpalatable and indigestible, animals lose weight and the body condition deteriorates.

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