3 Phase Broiler Grower Pellets


Broiler Grower Pellets are a complete and high-quality feed processed into small 3mm fine soft pellets. Each pellet provides the total nutrient requirement for the fast-developing chicks at the growing stage to develop the skeletal and muscle frames of a broiler bird. The protein and energy levels in the feed ensure a balanced diet for the birds.

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Feed Form

3mm pellet size for easy intake and feeding hence less wastage. The size of the pellet particle ensures fast growth, more weight gain, and a low Food Conversion Ratio. Comes in 3 pack sizes, 50kg, 25kg, and 10kg.

Feed Specifications

Broiler Grower Pellets are the second stage of the three-phase broiler feed. It is a complete feed processed into small 3mm pellets. Each pellet will provide the total nutrient requirement for the bird’s body development. The broiler grower pellets feed is a high specification with 19.1% Crude Protein and balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio to enable the growing bird strong bones, good plumage cover to sustain the bird.

Feeding Instructions

Feed these pellets to broiler growers from day 15 through to day 25. Each bird is expected to consume an average of 1.35kg during this period. The birds are expected to achieve an average target weight range of 980 -1,000 grams at 21 days.

Management Tips

Gradually start blending grower pellets to the starter crumbs from day 11 until day 14 to ensure a smooth transition, adaption, and enhanced voluntary feed intake. The blending also reduces stress since the birds are used to the slightly bigger 3mm particles.

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