Bull & Heifer Meal


Bull and Heifer Meal is a specially designed feed to provide optimum nutrition for fast and efficient heifer and bull growth to meet the targets at bulling age.

Breed Recommendations

Beef and dairy heifers and bulls. Feed Form: Meal. The beef or dairy farmer can feed the bull or heifer for 12.5 days from this 50kg bag.

Feed Specifications

Bull and Heifer Meal is the third stage of the feeding regime. The meal is given to growing heifers and bulls for both dairy and beef. The feed contains 14.5% Crude Protein and balanced Metablisable Energy.

Feeding Instructions

Feed the bull and heifers an average of 3kg per day per animal of the meal. The feed should be on ad lib basis from 5 to 15 months of age. Increase the meal to 4kg per day per animal from 15 to 24 months of age or up to point of calving.

Management Tip

Ensure the animals have access to good quality hay, stover, silage or roughage and good grazing. Good quality roughage encourages chewing the cud.

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