Bull Maintenance Meal


Bull Maintenance Meal is a very special and specific diet for breeding bulls. The feed is formulated with high-quality raw materials to give a highly palatable and nutritive value to the animals. The bull is conditioned to maintain the stamina, fertility, and body condition score that is required for breeding with bulling cows.

Breed Recommendations

Mature working bulls. Feed Form: Crunchy brown meal. The 50Kg bag can be consumed for 4 days by one steer in a feedlot pen.

Feed Specifications

Bull Maintenance Meal is a special meal designed to feed mature working bulls. The feed nutritional composition consists of 9.5 % crude protein and no Urea. The bull fed on this ration is conditioned to maintain the fertility, energy and condition of the animal during the breeding period.

Feeding Instructions

Feed the bull at least 6 – 12 kg per animal per day depending on the age, size, breed, condition and the energy that the bull requires.

Management Tip

The feeding of bulls should commence 3 months before the bulling season, during and after breeding. Breeding season begins approximately in mid December to mid March

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