Calf Grower Meal


Calf Grower Meal is a special feed for growing calves after weaning them from milk. The growing calf is fed the feed free choice.

Breed Recommendations

Dairy and beef calves and goat kids.

Feed Form

Meal. This feed is also suitable for beef weaner calves and goat kids after weaning and in the dry season. The beef or dairy farmer can feed one growing calf for 10 days from this 50kg bag.

Feed Specifications

Calf Grower Meal is the second stage of the feeding regime. The feed is given to weaned dairy and beef calves. The feed contains 16.0% Crude Protein and balanced Metabolizable Energy.

Feeding Instructions

Feed the calf an average of 3kg per calf grower per day from two months. Increase the feed gradually as the calf grows to 5kg per animal per day.

Management Tip

Ensure the calf gets good quality roughage or good grazing on free choice from 2 to 5 months of age. Good quality roughage encourages chewing the cud.

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