Calf Starter Meal


Calf Starter Meal is a high protein with balanced energy, vitamins, and mineral salts which are also highly digestible. The feed is specially designed to feed newly born calves to encourage early intake of solid feed to promote rumen development and excellent calf growth.

Breed Recommendation

dairy and beef calves and goat kids.

Feed form

Meal. This feed is also suitable for beef calves and goats during the first days and in the dry season. The beef or dairy farmer can feed 0ne calf on calf starter meal for 17 days from the 50kg bag.

Feed Specifications

Calf Starter Meal is the first feed introduced to the newly born calf and after suckling colostrum for about 5 days. The feed contains 18.0% Crude Protein and balanced Metabolizable Energy.

Feeding Instruction

Feed the calf to appetite in small quantities from 5 days to 2 months. Provide quality hay or good roughage. Increase the feeding rate per calf gradually to achieve about 1 kg per day by 3 weeks of age. Increase gradually to achieve a feeding rate of 3kg per day by 2 months of age.

Management Tip

Maintain high standard of hygiene to prevent milk scours and flies. Ensure the calf continues to receive fresh clean milk at equivalent to body temperature frequently.

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