Dairy Meal (Pasture Balancer) 17%


Dairy Meal(Pasture Balancer) 17% is a high quality straight feed formulated with balanced high energy and protein. The special feed was designed mainly to complement with high quality pastures (both irrigated and rain fed).complete feed specially formulated to cater for lactating cows that have access to a lot of veld or pasture grazing. The quality feed is very productive to milking cow in early, mid and late lactation. The nutritional composition consists of a balanced protein, energy, minerals and vitamins required for the milking cow.

Breed Recommendations

lactating dairy cows, beef cows. The feed is also suitable for dairy goats in lactation.

Feed Form


Feed Specifications

Dairy Meal17% is the other good alternative of the fourth stage for the dairy feeding regime. The dairy pasture balancer contains 17% crude protein and and it balances the ration with high quality pastures.

Feeding Instructions

Feed the milking cow with the Pasture Balancer at rate of 0.4 – 0.7kg per litre of milk produced. Always give the cow 2kg per day of the feed for body maintenanc. Provide the cow with good quality pasture on ad libitum basis.

Managaement Tips

Provide the milking cows with good quality pasture using cut and carry method, rotational grazing or Total Mixed Rations. Make hay when the grass is still in good quality and store for use in the dry season. Roughage is needed for good rumination and utilisation of the feed. Higher producing milking cows require a higher proportion of the dairy meal in the diet

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