Dog Meal


Dog Meal diet is food for dogs formulated with expertise to provide a balanced nutritive value for all types of dogs. The dog meal has high nutritive value to cater for the requirements of dogs at different ages, breeds and even different body requirements.

Breed Recommendations

small, medium, cross breeds, large dog breeds

Feed form


Feed Specifications

Dog Meal is formulated with expertise and passion to provide a balanced total diet for all weaned dogs up to adult age. The meal contains a balanced nutritional composition of 20% crude protein, balanced vitamins, minerals, and energy to keep the dogs healthy.

Feeding Instructions

Mix the food with warm water or gravy. Warm milk is essential especially for puppies to cater to strong bones and teeth. Feed an average of 100g per day for puppies and 500 grams – 1,000 grams per day for adult dogs across all breeds.

Management Tips

The daily feed requirement for dogs is on average is about 4% of body weight for small breeds, dropping to about 2% for large breeds. Introduce the nuggets gradually over a period of 7 days to avoid stomach upsets, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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