Early Lay Mash


Early Lay Mash is a highly fortified and powerful layer feed with all the essential nutrients, well-balanced Metabolizable Energy, amino acid profile, vitamin and mineral salts.

Breed Recommendation

Point of lay pullets

Feed Form


Feed Specifications

Early Lay Mash Mash is the fourth stage of the five phases layer feed range. The feed is specially formulated to target young layers coming into lay. The feed is specially balanced with high specifications of nutrition and it consists 15.1% Crude Protein.

Feeding Instructions

Feed to young laying hens from 19 weeks at the rate of 120 grams per bird per day up to 5% production. Increase the feeding rate to 125 grams per bird per day up to 65 weeks.

Management Tip

The birds should have access to comfortable litter which is 15 cm deep, good ventilation, deworming, clean fresh drinking water and fresh feed. Follow the vaccination program. Weigh the eggs produced. Grading and packaging of eggs must be done.

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