Goat Meal


Goat Meal is a special type of feed formulated to cater to the nutritional demands of goats during the dry season and in feedlots. The feed is a complete, well-balanced, and highly specialized meal that is suitable for the maintenance and fattening of goats.

Breed Recommendations

Goat kids, Does, Bucks. All breeds can feed on the feed and the feed rates only vary.

Feed form

Golden brown meal. The 50Kg bag can be consumed for 33 days by one mature bigger breed.

Feed Specifications

The Goat Meal is a special type of meal specially formulated for feeding goats during the dry season. The feed contains 12.0% crude protein. The ensures optimum body condition and weight gain for goats during the dry season when there is no browse as well as enhanced crop residues.

Feeding Instructions

The recommended feeding rate is 800 to 1.2kg per mature goat per day and the younger goats 500grams per animal per day.

Management Tips

The feed can be used as fattening

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