Lamb Fattening


Lamb fattening Meal is a very special type of feed formulated to cater for the nutritional demands of lambs feeding in feedlots. The feed is a complete, well-balanced and highly specialized meal that is suitable for fattening of just weaned lambs earmarked for a niche market.

Breed Recommendations

Weaned lambs weighing 20kg live mass.

Feed form

Golden brown meal. The 50Kg bag can be consumed for 50 days by one fattening lamb.

Feed Specifications

The Lamb Fattening Meal is a special type of complete and straight finishing meal specially formulated for feeding lambs in feedlots. The feed contains 13.0% crude protein. Lamb Fattening Meal is a highly palatable, high energy and well-balanced meal which suits the nutritional requirements of fast-growing lambs during the fattening period.

Feeding Instructions

The fattening lambs should consume at least 1Kg of the feed per day for 90 a day fattening period The feed is introduced gradually until one gets to the target voluntary feed intake measure.

Management Tips

Break-in period should be over a period of 10 days. An induction live weight of at least 20kg live mass is recommended. The males need to be castrated from improved breed or crossbreeds. Good quality hay needs to be included in the diet to ensure good rumination and cud-chewing.

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