Pig Creep Weaner Meal


Pig Creep Weaner Meal is a combination of the pig starter and weaner diets. The feed is specially formulated to optimize fast growth rates in piglets.

Breed Recommendations


Feed Form

Meal the nutrient composition, palatability, voluntary feed intake. and digestibility to ensure a high growth rate of piglets during suckling and after weaning. The 50Kg bag can be used by the pig grower to feed 10 piglets for a period of 14 days.

Feed Specifications

Pig Creep – Weaner meal contains high nutritional value feed with 19.8% Crude Protein and balanced vitamins, minerals – calcium to phosphorus ratio for strong shells and bones. Provide the feed to piglets to enable them to start nibbling the solid feed.

Feeding Instructions

Give each piglet creep feed in the first phase to consume 365 grams per piglet per day on ad libitum basis from day 7 to day 35. Increase the same feed from 0.5 to 1.125kg per pig weaner per day from 36 through to 70 days. Management Tip: Give the piglets handfuls of fresh feed at the start and increase gradually. Encourage the piglets to eat and feed 3 to 5 times a day. Train the piglets to deposit dung at the dunging area to prevent feed contamination.

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