Pig Grower Meal


Pig Grower Meal is a highly formulated feed to ensure that the pig growers consume to maximize feed efficiency and fast growth rate.

Breed Recommendations

Grower pigs from 10 to 17 weeks

Feed Form

Meal. The 50Kg bag can be used by the pig grower to feed 10 piglets for a period of 14 days.

Feed Specifications

Pig Grower Meal contains high nutritional value feed with 19.8% Crude Protein and balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio for strong shells and bones. Providing this feed will enable the piglet to start nibbling the solid feed which is nutritionally balanced in protein, energy, vitamins, and mineral salts

Feeding Instructions

Feed 1.5 kg per pig per day of the pig grower meal on an ad libitum basis from day 71 up to day 126.

Management Tip

Proper feed management and a high standard of hygiene enable the pig business to be sustainable.

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