Pig Sow Lactating Meal


Pig Sow Lactating Meal is specially formulated and designed to feed breeding sows that have just farrowed piglets.

Breed Recommendations

Pigs – Lactating sows

Feed Form

Meal. This 50Kg bag can be used by the pig grower to feed the lactating sow with 10 piglets for a period of 8 days.

Feed Specifications

Pig Lactating Sow meal specially and expertly formulated to feed lactating sows and during the lactation period.
Feeding Instructions

Feed the lactating sow 2kg for her Plus 450 grams per piglet born per day from the day of farrowing to 35 days.

Management Tip

The just farrowed sows should be given clean drinking water only for at least the first 12 hours followed by the meal. Maintain high standards of hygiene for the lactating sow and the piglets. The sow should be in the crate to prevent her from eating the piglets feed.

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