Pullet Layer Grower Mash28


Pullet Grower Mash is a special feed formulated to feed to pullet layers at the grower stage. The feed was designed mainly to achieve the development of the reproductive and digestive systems in their natural form. The feed ensures age and weight are in sync. The feed is nutritionally fortified with vitamins and mineral salts to ensure good health and immunity. The feed is designed to ensure the normal development of the digestive, immune, reproductive, and respiratory systems.

Breed Recommendation

Pullet growers, Road Runner growers.

Feed Form


Feed Specifications

The Pullet Grower Mash is the second stage of the five-phase layer feed range. The feed is specially formulated for targeted growth especially the frame size, muscle development, and reproductive system. The feed is specially balanced with high specifications with 15% Crude Protein, fortified with vitamins, oils, and mineral salts.

Feeding Instructions

Feed to pullet growers from the age of 9 weeks until they are 16 weeks. The pullet grower bird should consume on average 4.5kg over the rearing period.

Management Tip

The birds should be weighed on a weekly basis. Follow the vaccination program. The expected average live weight should be approximately 1.35 -1.38kg at 16 weeks

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