Pullet Layer Starter Crumbs


Pullet Starter Crumbs are given to pullet layer chicks to start. The layer chicks are fed mainly to achieve the development of all the organs including the respiratory, immune, and digestive systems. The pullet starter crumbs are complete, high quality, balanced. The feed is nutritionally fortified with vitamins and mineral salts.

Breed Recommendation

Layers chicks. Road Runner Chicks.

Feed Form

Crumb for easy intake and feeding – no wastage. The size of the crumb particle ensures all your chicks access feed from the onset. The feed is designed to ensure the normal development of the digestive, immune, reproductive, and respiratory systems. A smallholder farmer or urban farmer with 100 layer chicks requires 2 bags of this feed per month.

Feed Specifications

The Pullet Starter Crumbs are the first stage of the five phases layer feed range. The feed is specially balanced with high specification nutrients with 20% Crude Protein fortified with vitamins, mineral salts, and oils.

Feeding Instructions

Feed the pullet starter crumbs to layer chicks from day 1 through to 8 weeks. Each chick is expected to consume an average of 2 kg during this period. The feed helps the chicks to develop the most essential systems of the bird.

Management Tip

Ensure good temperature, clean freshwater, comfortable litter, good ventilation, and feed access at free choice. Layer chicks are very fragile so brooding management needs to be intensive. The birds should be weighed on a weekly basis. Follow the vaccination program.

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