Road Runner Grower / Finisher Mash


Road Runner Grower/Finisher Mash is a high-quality feed for both pullets and cockerels growers from the age of 9 weeks up until they are 18 weeks of age. The ration is specially designed for the growth of the frame size, immune system, muscle development, and reproductive system

Feed Specifications

Road Runner Grower/Finisher mash is a special feed that contains a high spec of nutrition with 16.0% Crude Protein and a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio for strong bones. Feed to the growing birds from 9 to 19 weeks.

Feeding Instructions

The average feeding rate should be 70 to 110 grams per bird per day for the

Management Tip

Road runner birds can be managed under extensive or semi – extensive systems. Follow the feeding instructions for each breed.

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