Road Runner Starter Mash


Road Runner starter mash is specially formulated to feed birds from day old to eight weeks of age. The feed is well balanced with vitamins, minerals and energy.

Breed Recommendation

All Road Runners breeds, Turkeys, Guinea fowls, Ducklings.

Feed Form


Feed Specifications

This special formulated ultimate road runner starter mash was designed in a special manner to help  exploit the  genetic potential of a village fowl. The feed is also highly suitable for all improved breeds of all road runner. The feed contains high specification feed with 20.0% Crude Protein and a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio to ensure a strong skeletal development. The balance in calcium and phosphorus and the energy will enable the chicks to exercise as is the nature of the birds.

Feeding Instructions

Feed the chicks on ad libitum basis daily until the birds are 8 weeks of age. Each chick is expected to is expected to consume about 2kg during this period. 

Management Tip

Start with a density of 40 chicks per metre square during brooding 

  • The chicks are very small and fragile treat them with tender loving care.
  • Put up an infra red lamp ± 1m from the floor in a brooder
  • Give the chicks stress mix in chick fonts to boost their energy at placement  for 5 days.

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