Standard Layer Mash


Standard Layer Mash has been specially formulated as a versatile feed for the layer bird. The feed contains all the nutritional composition sufficient to meet maintenance, growth and egg production requirements for the laying hens. The layer mash is introduced to the young pullets from point of lay through to end of production cycle.

Breed Recommendation

Point of lay pullets, Road Runner growers.

Feed Form


Feed Specifications

Standard Layer Mash is our conventional feed. The feed is specially formulated for the young layer birds through to the end of cycle. The feed is specially balanced with the high spec of nutrition and it consists 14.7% Crude Protein.

Feeding Instructions

The feeding rate 120 to 125 grams per bird per day up to end of cycle.

Management Tip

The birds should have access to comfortable litter which is 15 cm deep, good ventilation, deworming, clean fresh drinking water and fresh feed. Follow the vaccination program. Weigh the eggs produced. Grading and packaging of eggs must be done. Premixes are available in ¼ units to mix 250kg and 1unit to mix 1,000kg, when mixed with wheat bran, maize and soya meal will produce complete feeds or mashes from pullet grower mash to layer mashes.

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