Winter Protein Supplementary Block


Winter block ( Protein supplementary) is a very unique and special “cake’ designed and formulated to bridge the gap for lack of protein from the beginning of the dry season to the start of the rain season. Animals tend to lose weight and energy and so the body condition deteriorates. The winter block accompanied with good quality roughage will restore and maintain the animals in shape.

Breed Recommendations

stud beef breeds, commercial beef breeds, goats, and steers in feedlots.

Feed Form

Crunchy brown meal. The 25Kg bag can be consumed for 41.5 days by one mature animal.

Feed Specifications

The Winter Block (Protein supplement) is a special type of lick for cattle during the dry season. The feed contains 35% Crude Protein and a Maximum of 6% Urea. The feed lick is made into a compact block which is easy to handle when feeding the animals. It ensures optimum body condition and weight gain of beef cattle on the dry veld, as well as maximum intake of crop residues.

Feeding Instructions

Mixed herd of cattle will usually be fed at the rate of 500 grams per animal per day to 600grams per animal per day starting from mid-May until the end of November. The cattle will then graduate to the Summer block in preparation for the summer season which begins from November to the end of April.

Management Tips

Salt blocks should be used for Induction for at least 21 days before using the block. The block should be hard so that animals cannot chew large chunks. Separate the beef animals into specific herd classes by age as their protein requirements differ. Do not feed the block to hungry animals.

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